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105 Consumers Drive
Whitby, ON, L1N 1C4

(416) 732-3625

Rep Repair

You were chosen to be broken. Choose to become unbreakable.

You’ve lived through a soul-shattering experience in your immediate past that caused serious damage to your psyche, career and reputation. Everybody knows about it — knowledge of your situation is widespread in your industry, your community, on social media and/or in the general public, and the verdict is decisively against you. It’s left you feeling despondent, angry, discredited and ostracized.

But you believe every person ought to have an opportunity at redemption.

Greg Frankson went through a devastating public shaming that severely damaged his reputation. He chose not to roll over and fade away, then created a life-changing pathway back to relevance. Learn how he can help you rediscover how to amplify the value of your voice.