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105 Consumers Drive
Whitby, ON, L1N 1C4

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Samples of Our Work


These are just a few of the samples of past work we have created for our clients and/or performed for a general audience.
Want to see more samples? Please contact us!

Poet-in-Residence Services - WACE Conference 2019

View my summary of a keynote address delivered by Dr. Rebecca Heiss at the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE) Conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California, USA in February 2019.

"Greg Frankson is so talented! He summarized my hour long keynote into a 4 min poem. LOVE THIS! The most impressive thing? He asked if he could read it to me AS I WAS WALKING OFF STAGE!" Dr. Rebecca Heiss

Website Copywriting -

Greg worked closely with Angela Dacey of Live Life Colourfully to rewrite and edit the online content, to give it a stronger sales orientation. He also provided website design services for Angela’s site, which is built using Squarespace. Click on the photo to visit and review the page flow and content that was the result of this collaboration.

TEDxMilton 2012

Greg Frankson gives an impassioned talk praising "Outliers" - people that are distant from the rest, and how their contributions have impacted our society. Greg is a two-time national team poetry slam finalist and the championship runner-up at the 2012 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam.

Poet Laureate, International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL)

In collaboration with the IIMHL, Greg published an e-book with a summary of the creative works he penned as Poet Laureate at four international conferences (Ottawa, Canada 2007; Brisbane, Australia 2009; Killarney, Ireland 2010; and San Francisco, USA 2011). The e-book was used as an advocacy, educational and promotional tool for the Initiative, which works with governments around the world to collaboratively improve global systems of care.